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Hey!! An entire page dedicated to the Final Fantasy series. This page includes pics and screen shots from the games as well as the movie. As with my Dragon Ball page I had to split this page up to save on bandwidth. And check out the Final Fantasy Radio - 56kat the bottom! It plays all music from the Final Fantasy games, Zelda, and more! Just choose your conection speed at the bottom! By the way I'm making a brand new Final Fantasy X page. All of the pictures will be originally made by me. I might add some others in later. It won't be ready for a little over a month or two now. And by the way all you people who were looking forward to the music vid I was making.... sorry! The avid cinnema program on my comp got erased and I don't have the disk to replace it. SORRY! Well, enjoy I guess!:}! And If you feel like chatin with others, this is my Final Fantasy chat room! :) If you want to chat you have to come up with a nickname or else we won't know who We're talkin to! :) It's Free and it takes 30 seconds MAX. Just type it in and click submit. Then give a password. Then double-click on you name to the right to register.


Listen to Great FF music ! FinalFantasyVIIpics    FinalFantasyVIIIpics    FinalFantasyIXpics
FinalFantasy:The Spirits Within pics


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